Sunday, December 11, 2011

1st Month After Apidexin

Thank you for joining my blog. Its all about the diet pill Apidexin at the moment and there is a link in all my blogs for the Apidexin website.

Congratulations for making it past your 1st month!!! How do you feel? By now you should have lost around 3-10 pounds. Like i said in my previous blogs, Your first month is going to be your best. So try not to have to many high expectations on the next few. You should be coming up on the date to start taking the Detoxu Free again. Now if you started taking 3 pills like the bottles suggest, Then make sure you stay aware of how your body mite react to taking 6 pills in the morning and 6 pills in the afternoon. I have yet to do that myself. I for one hate taking pills to begin with, So just thinking about taking 12 in one day is just beyond my need to be thin. So i stick to taking only 1 to 2 pills of the Apidexin while I'm doing my 3 days of Detoxu Free. ( Yes you do have to do the Detoxu Free every month ).

Above is a link for you to check you BMI ( body mass index ). It is very important at this stage of taking Apidexin to know your BMI. Taking the pill is a great way to HELP you loose weight, NOT to make you loose weight. So helping your body with exercise  and a healthier diet is going to make your success rate higher and faster. There is no need to fret if you think you have to do allot of vigorous  workouts. Doing jumping jacks, running in place, or just power walking around the block will do the trick. I suggest either doing 15 Min's a day, 30 Min's every other day, or 1 hour 3 times a week.

If you haven't noticed yet, Ill point out that i don't put much on my blogs about what you should be eating. This is because i myself have never been one to tell people what to eat, as i hate when people do it to me. But if you are interested in what i eat everyday or have any questions about your own diet, Please feel free to comment or subscribe to email me. As always i love all your comments and or suggestions.    

Please stay tuned for more...

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