Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week Two ( Apidexin Review )

Congratulations on making it to week 2! 

If this is your first time on my blog, Welcome! My most recent blogs have been on the diet pill Apidexin and what you should be expecting. I put a link to the Apidexin website on my blogs every time in case you need it. 

By now you should be a little more used to getting up in the morning and taking your pills, it is quite a bit of an adjustment so most likely after 30days this process is going to be a normal part of your daily routine. After my first week i had lost about 6 pounds ( not typical ) . It was my best week on the pill, which is kind of good considering the average weight loss is about 10 pounds a month. Critics also say that the reason why you will loos so much on the first week is because your body is new to this pill and the weight loss effects are always going to be at its best on the first week.

Your energy on week 2 should have changed a slight bit compared to week 1. If you are a little more on the heavier side and know for a fact you need to loose 100 pounds or more, the energy that is going to come from the pill mite take a little longer to take an affect, but none the less it will come I PROMISE. Now i have talked to a few people about week 2 and some have different views on certain criteria. Like the need to use the restroom. Some people don't have any problems at all, they say not much hazed changed and they go about as often as they used to. Me on the other hand had a totally different experience. Week 2 was like the rise off all water falls for my bladder, but take into consideration i was already a frequent bathroom user. Now your bowel movements should be different. That is definitely one thing that does not stay the same. The reason why they tell you to take the pill 30mins ahead of time is so that when it is time for you to eat, you have a bowel movement shortly after. So this is a good thing to keep in mind if your one of those type of people that does not do well in public bathrooms.

A second thing you mite notice is how your stomach is starting to react to the pill. If you have ever heard that growling sound your stomach makes when its hungry, Then you should get a sense on what to expect. The good thing about this part is that it does not have the same effects as normal, usually when your stomach growls and starts making those little popping sounds like its starving to death, Typically makes your brain think that you are starving and then you binge eat. That's not at all how its going to be anymore, Yes you will hear the sounds, And yes you will feel it popping and turning, But you will not be as hungry as u think you are. As soon as you put something in your mouth, your brain starts telling your tummy that your full. I think this is one of the awesome affects of this pill, Its makes you feel FULL. Telling myself i was full before Apidexin was practically none existent.

After this blog i will be taking it from month to month, As the next few weeks are not going to differ much. I love any and all comments that you have. You are more then welcome to join my blog and ask me any questions you have about Apidexin and Detoxu Free.

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