Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Week One ( Apidexin )

Let's face it, the first week of anything usually tends to have a lot of excitement and expectation with any new product. And if that's how you feel about Apidexin, YOU SHOULD! Honestly this is one of the best diet pills i have ever came across. I have struggled with my weight off and on for so long, it was great to finally come across something that didn't hurt my stomach or give me headaches and actually worked at the end of the day.

When i first started Apidexin i did my own research to see how it worked for other people, i couldn't find much of any reviews that went past the 3rd week of there taking the pill. So here on my blog i will be writing a weekly review on how my process went and is currently going. So please check in for updates and leave comments with your story's and success! 

Week one : After ordering your Apidexin it should arrive there in 3 to 5 business days (very fast). Here's the link if you need it www.Apidexin.com . Any amount of bottles you buy of Apidexin comes with a free bottle of Detoxu Free. Which is a pill you take twice a day for 3days. This helps you clean out your system an gets it ready for the month so you have better results. Detoxu Free CAN be taken in conjunction with the Apidexin. 
You have a choice to take between 1 and 3 capsules of Apidexin 30mins before your breakfast and lunch. But keep in mind for the first 3 days you have to take all 3 of the Detoxu Free capsules in the morning and afternoon. So to start out i highly suggest taking your 3 capsules of the Detox and just 1 capsule of the Apidexin for those 3 days. This way your not overwhelmed with all these new pills your going to take and it gives your body time to adjust to the pill. Over doing it your first time could make you feel sick and very anxious.

So your first day you should be able to notice that your going to the bathroom just a tad more then usual ( nothing dramatic ), and that's about all that's really going to happen but your second day should shift a little more and you should be noticing by now your appetite suppressing and not so many food cravings. Your energy is definitely going to rise along with your motivation to be more active. The bathroom by now should be no stranger at this point, your still detoxing getting rid of the bad so this is normal.

I myself have never really been one for doing any vigorous exercising, " Never had the will". But after about my forth day i found myself really WANTING to be outside an be apart of a better tomorrow for myself, instead of sitting in the house hoping this pill would do all the work for me. I'm telling your from experience there is absolutely no pill that will do ALL the work for you. Not only is getting active so good for your health it also makes the Apidexin have EXTREME results. On my fourth day i was power walking around the block. The great thing about Apidexin is that it gives you the energy to do exercise without the jitters or the shakes. Apidexin has such great ingredients that are safe but affective. One of my favorite sites to review and compare diet fads is www.dietpillcritic.com . This site will give you a list of all Apidexins ingredients and what they do.

By the 7th day you should have noticed your eating habit's have changed slightly. Even tho you most likely wont have much of a appetite after taking the pills, its still best to have a big(ER) breakfast in the morning with a decent sized lunch followed by a very small dinner. As we all now eating and sleeping is not the best thing for your body. Every little thing that you help change along your process is going to help to get faster results. Example: Water - Soda, Turkey Meat - Hamburger Meat, Wheat Bread - White bread, etc......

So there you are! If you asking yourself, Is that it? Then your rite! That's it! There are no harmful side affects and nothing so extreme where you have to change your daily life style. Apidexin is one of the most highest ranking diet pills of 2011 and personally i think you have made a great choice in a new way of life.

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